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    Neosystems North-West Co. (Petrozavodsk, Karelia, North-West Russia) is seeking for partners abroad. We are offering services in the sphere of offshore software development. The proposed ways of partnership are:
      • For manufacturing, sales and servicing enterprises – custom solutions development – from requirements documenting to remote deployment. The project can be completed by our personnel only or together with your own IT-specialists.
      • For IT-companies seeking for additional resources and cost reduction – our specialists taking part in your projects as team members, or completing parts of projects or whole projects for you.
      • For IT-companies seeking for a portal into the Russian market – software localization and adaptation towards the Russian legislation system, promotion services.
    This initiative is the consequence of the company’s growth and development. We are eager to find new points to apply the expertise we’ve gained working on the Russian IT-market.
    The primary technological focus of our development proposals for customers abroad is the set of technologies by Microsoft - .NET Framework (including ASP.NET-based web applications and services), SQL Server 2005, SharePoint Services etc.
    Company profile:
    Neosystems North-West Co. (legally Neosystemy Severo-Zapad LTD, LLC) resides in Petrozavodsk – the capital of Karelian republic in the North-West of Russia (the region borders on Finland). Our company was one of the first IT-companies to appear in Karelia and is now more than 15 years old. The company’s general business focus is business process improvement via consulting and automation.
      • General spheres of interest:
        • Development
          • Custom solutions development
          • Mass-use (box) solutions development
        • Deployment
          • Deployment of our own custom solutions
          • Deployment of our own box solutions
          • Deployment of standard solutions by other vendors
        • Consulting
          • IT-Consulting
          • Business process improvement
          • Accounting & management trainings
        • Infrastructure
          • Development & deployment of networking infrastructure solutions
          • Deployment of information working infrastructure
          • Development & deployment of security infrastructure
      The company has both IT and project domain (i.e. accounting, costs, manufacturing, logistics) specialists in staff, 50 employees total. Neosystems Co. is the largest vendor of business solutions in the region measured by the number of certified specialists, number of projects completed and the projects’ complexity.

      Our customers:
      Our company has hundreds of customers in Karelia and all over Russia including the most remote regions. We’ve gained large experience in remote IT-projects and remote maintenance of information systems. The main sphere of our business expertise is business process automation on timber cutting, wood processing and pulp & paper manufacturing enterprises. We’ve developed and certified several box products for such companies, including Neosystems: Timbermill, Neosystems: Pulp&Paper and others. The following companies are among our customers:
        • Pulp & paper mills: Segezha PPM, Sokol PPM, Vyborg Pulp, Syas PPM
        • Wood processing mills: Segezha wood processing plant, Karelia DSP (a chipboard plant near Medvezhiegorsk, Karelia), Swedwood Karelia (a production unit of IKEA in Kostamus), Medvezhiegorsk timer mill
        • Timber cutting mills: Ladenso (Stora-Enso holding), Olonets-les (a production unit of Stora Enso in Pitkaranta), Segezha PPM group timber cutting mills, Metsaliito Podporozhie (a production unit of Metsaliito in Podporozhie), Udimskoe timber cutting mill (Cotlas PPM group)
      Another problem domain in the business focus of our company is optimization and complex automation of sales companies’ activities. Our offerings include solutions for orders management, stock management, supply chain management, sales analysis. We’ve developed a specialized solution for companies utilizing sales representatives in their activities. The solution includes modules to work both on a PDA and within a corporate network. The following companies are among the customers using our products and services in this sphere:
        • Bonton (exclusive distributor of a local liquors vendor)
        • Indigo (regional distributor of Pepsi Co.)

      Certificates & partnership:
        • The activities of our company have been certified to comply with the ISO 9001:2000 standard
        • Our company is a member of partner networks of large software vendors including Microsoft, 1C and ESET.
        • Our company is a constant member of consulting groups ratings of North-West Russia.
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